Entry to Eurovision

"Ein davar" - Tal Sondak

"There is a song that rises in me again and again, it's OK, it's OK, it's OK"

The Israeli Final was held on December 28th at the Neve-Ilan studios in Jerusalem, hosted by Duo Datz who represented Israel in 1991. The winner was chosen by 3 regional juries, an "expert" jury in the studio audience and televoting. The 3 regional juries voted in the normal Eurovision style (1-12 points), while the "expert" jurys' votes were weighted 5 times that of a jury (5-60 points) and the televoting was weighted 9 times that of a jury (9-108 points).

1 Eretz meusheret A happy country Shimi Ron 79 7th
2 Dr DJ Dr DJ Alon Jan 25 10th=
3 Co rason Croissant Mangana 55 9th
4 Ad ktze ha'olam Till the end of the world Dafna Armoni and Dror Lucach 25 10th=
5 Olam nifla A wonderful world Gabi Shushan 17 12th
6 Ein davar It's OK Tal Sondak 173 1st
7 Darbuka Darbuka drum Hamsa 115 3rd
8 Ze karov It's close Sharon Lavi & Shachar Ankri 58 8th
9 Luna The moon Michal Amdorsky 106 4th
10 Umlala la la Miserable Sagiv Cohen 88 6th
11 Yeshua Salvation Tze'ela Achrak 99 5th
12 Bein hachalomot Between the dreams Vered Gover 146 2nd

Alon Jan was a backing singer for Dana International in the 1995 Israeli Final, and in 1996 he came 10th singing with Izhar Cohen. Dafna Armoni has taken part in 2 previous Israeli Finals - she was 11th equal in 1978 and 11th in 1981. Michal Amdorsky is the most famous of the participating singers.  Her song "Luna" came 3rd in last years private Israeli Final. Sharon Lavi's song "Ze karov" came 2nd in the 1999 private Israeli Final.

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